Get all your downloads from anywhere into itunes, quickly, automatically!

Wait for downloads? No Way.

Stop waiting for downloads to finish. We wait, import and cleanup for you.

  • Watches for New Music
    How do you download music? A browser? P2P Programs? Download Songs will watch for any folders you pick for new music files.
  • Add to iTunes
    When new music is downloaded, it will be automatically moved to your iTunes folder.
  • Removes Duplicates
    Aftering adding files to iTunes, Download Songs can delete the duplicates from your downloads folder.
  • Unzips & Deletes Archives
    Download Songs can automatically expand a zip or a rar file and remove it once unarchived.
  • Seamless Search
    A hotkey and spotlight-style search menu give you a quick and easy song search.
SkipScreen is a free Firefox add-on that skips the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Megaupload, Mediafire, zShare, and more!
"A huge time-saver..." — WIRED
"5 stars & recommended" — ON MOZILLA.ORG
Never download music without it.
  • You don't have to download the slow way anymore.
    Once you start downloading with SkipScreen, you won't believe you lived without it.
  • Also works with:, zShare (now with a "listen-first" option!), Sharebee, DepositFiles, Sendspace, Divshare, Linkbucks, Link-protector, More on the way..

Tips for uploaders

  • Downloading from these sharing sites can be a baffling ordeal (that's why we made this plugin). Make things easier for your users by providing a link to this plugin whenever you post a link to a sharing site.
  • Upload with Sharebee when possible, so that SkipScreen can automatically pick the sites that it currently works best with.