Skipscreen FAQ

Can you add support for []?

Yes! (Though maybe not right away). When you contact us or post a request to getsatisfaction we add these sites to our list and prioritize (mostly) based on the number of requests from users. So if you have a site you want support for, make your voice heard.

Right now, our priorities for new sites are: hotfile, easy-share, 4shared, and, roughly in that order.

Hey, Rapidshare still makes me wait, what gives?

Unfortunately, we can’t skip the wait on Rapidshare with Javascript Jedi Mind Tricks because their servers don’t make the file available until after the countdown. However… once you click on a rapidshare download link, SkipScreen will do all the work until the file starts downloading.

You can “click-and-forget”… for me that’s the important thing. And… you can click multiple links at once, and SkipScreen will auto-reload periodically until Rapidshare lets each one start downloading.

Help!? I think I found a bug!

See this post: How to report a SkipScreen bug. The most important thing is to contact us and include as much information as possible so we can track down the problem.

SkipScreen’s behavior on [] is annoying me! Can I shut it off, just for that site?

Yes! Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest version (some older versions don’t have preferences).
  2. Click on “Tools” in the Firefox top menu bar — click on “SkipScreen” — Click on “Options”
  3. Uncheck the box next to the site (or feature) you want to turn off.
  4. That’s it! Close all the windows and keep on skipping!

Are the links I download made public anywhere?

Definitely not! We realize that people often use these services to share private files (e.g. an unfinished song, or an internal document) and we would never make them public without your explicit permission. For more info on how we respect your privacy, see our privacy policy.

I love SkipScreen! How can I help?

There are four ways you can help:

  1. Tell your friends. Like, all your friends. Most people who try Skipscreen love it instantly… we’ve just got to spread the word.

  • Make a donation. If SkipScreen makes your life better, send us $10 so we can keep it alive!
  • Become a beta tester. We always need help testing the new releases… this mostly entails, um, downloading lots of stuff :)
  • If you know some javascript, try writing a greasemonkey script for an unsupported site and sending it to us (under an LGPL license). If it looks good, we’ll include it!
  • Does it work as a manager as well? Like, can we put a series of links to be downloaded in row?

    Since some sites have download limits and prohibit simultaneous delays, SkipScreen will automatically reload those pages–so multiple tabs will download one after another.

    Rapidshare forces me to wait 15 minutes after my first download when I’m using SkipScreen. What gives?

    That’s not SkipScreen, that’s Rapidshare. As far as we know, Rapidshare does not behave any differently for SkipScreen users, but they do impose a 15 minute wait after you reach their limit (a hundred megs or so).

    Hey, where’s the XPI?

    If our site offers you the exe installer, you can always get to the XPI installer by clicking the “other platforms” link below the download button on our home page.

    How do I remove this toolbar thing?

    We offer an optional toolbar to some users. If you install it by mistake, you can remove it by going to Tools > Addons > Extensions > Search Toolar > Uninstall and you can change back to the default search by following these instructions.

    In IE you can go here: Tools > Toolbars > Bingtoolbar and disable it. If you want to completely remove the toolbar, go to Add/Remove programs and look for ‘Bing Toolbar’ or ‘Search Toolbar’ and click remove. You can also download the uninstaller.

    Megaupload CAPTCHA support working in testing versions…

    So awesome. Hope to get this release out ASAP. Auto-reload on “limit exceeded” isn’t done yet (for “queuing” simultaneous downloads) but that should be in there too.

    Translations on the homepage


    I just added some translations to the homepage, as you can see in the screenshot below. If anybody would like to help add translated “welcome / download” text, the template blog post is here. French is a priority!

    Feel free to be more informative or persuasive in different ways, but try to stick to the basic tone and content. Or, if you speak Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, feel free to send me corrections of my hurried/careless/forgotten prose!

    Ahh… and I know the use of flags is subject to some controversy (the portuguese one is particularly silly in this case, since mine is 100% brazilian) but from an aesthetic point of view it’s totally the best option.

    Skipscreen – un plugin Firefox per Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, e molti altri…

    Skipscreen e un plugin gratis per Firefox che fa possibile saltare le pagine e i tempi di aspettare per gli siti come RapidShare, Megaupload, Mediafire, zShare, e molti altri. Si tu scariche le cose usando questi servizi, SkipScreen risparmiará molto tempo. Prova-lo!

    add to firefox
    (Aggiunge a Firefox)
    SkipScreen funziona con questi siti: Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire,, Sharebee, Depositfiles, Sharebee, zShare, Divshare, Sendspace. E sta siempre amigliorando. Puoi guardare una dimostrazione di Skipscreen (in inglese) qui: << in inglese.

    Skipscreen – Um complemento Firefox para o Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire e muitos outros.

    O Skipscreen é um complemento gratuito para o Firefox, que permite saltar aquelas páginas chatas e contagens de tempo em sites como o RapidShare, Megaupload, Mediafire, zShare, e muitos outros. Se você baixa arquivos desses sites, o SkipScreen irá poupar muito do seu tempo. Experimente!

    add to firefox
    (Adicionar ao Firefox)
    O Skipscreen funciona com os seguintes sites: Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire,, Sharebee, Depositfiles, Sharebee, zShare, Divshare e Sendspace. Logo muitos outros.

    Skipscreen – un plugin Firefox para Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, y mucho mas.

    Skipscreen es un plugin gratis para Firefox que te permite saltar paginas y tiempos de espera en sites como RapidShare, Megaupload, Mediafire, zShare, y mucho mas. Se tu descargas archivos de estes servicios, SkipScreen va economizar mucho tiempo. Prueba-lo!

    add to firefox
    (Adiciona en Firefox)
    SkipScreen funciona con estes sites: Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire,, Sharebee, Depositfiles, Sharebee, zShare, Divshare, Sendspace. Y esta amejorando siempre. Puedes mirar una demonstracion de Skipscreen (in ingles) aqui: << en Ingles.

    Can you make a donation to support work on SkipScreen?

    I just added paypal donate buttons to the front page and the blog, so I thought it would be a good time to ask all of y’all for a donation. If you’re one of those people who uses SkipScreen every day and LOVES it, can you go out on a limb and donate $20?

    Making SkipScreen has been hard work, and we’re scrambling to find ways to support the cost of development. There are tons of new sites and features we’d like to add (like hotfile support, megaupload CAPTCHA hacking, improving reliability on Rapidshare and lots more). But all of this is a ton of work.

    Since hosting sites change all the time, we really need your help to keep up. And a $5 or $10 donation to Skipscreen is a much better investment than buying a month’s premium account for Rapidshare or Megaupload. Buying a subscription only works for you, but SkipScreen is free for everybody!

    And a month’s subscription only lasts for a month, but SkipScreen lasts way longer–with your help, forever!

    New SkipScreen! “Listen first” on zShare and support for a new site!

    The new SkipScreen is live! As promised, we have finally added a “listen-first” option for zShare, for all the music blog readers and DJs who only download music they really want (me, I just download everything and delete later).


    Skipping the streaming audio is enabled by default, but if you’d like to listen first, just uncheck the “Skip zShare Audio” checkbox in your SkipScreen Preferences.

    Also, you’ll notice that there’s a new site in the list of skippers, Like rapidshare, the skipper includes support for auto-reloads when you’re downloading a file simultaneously, or when you’ve exceeded the download limit for a certain period of time. This way, you can open a bunch of tabs, and SkipScreen will do the work for you.


    The biggest news, though, is that if all goes well we should have support for Megaupload CAPTCHA skipping in the next release. No more entering in those annoying three letters. More on that soon…

    New release coming down the pipe…

    Just posted a new Skipscreen to It’s still in the Sandbox, but here’s what’s new:

    • Added a ‘what’s new’ page to tell users about new sites we support and new features.
    • support, complete with auto-reloading for simultaneous downloads and limit-exceeded waits.
    • Listen first option for zShare (in the Preferences).
    • Diggbar skipping is now off by default.
    • Using iframe on post-download page to hide referrer link from third parties (e.g. Google).

    Thanks to all our beta testers. And we’ve also got some exciting Megaupload news coming soon!

    Anybody care about the share links?


    I’m trying to simplify the post-download page, and I have a strong suspicion that nobody is using these share links. Anybody have strong feelings against getting rid of them?