Introducing Download Songs: The easiest way to download songs

Download Songs is a new app (Mac only, for now) that watches your download folders, and imports any music to iTunes with no fuss. Even music that’s buried in archives or subfolders. We made it because downloading music from the web is still so annoying. Right?

Skipscreen helps a ton, but you still have to find the stuff you downloaded, unzip it, drag it into iTunes, and then clean up the mess of useless .zip files and empty folders. If you are extra-unfortunate, you’ll accidentally drag in a playlist file and iTunes will import the album twice. Argh!

Well, if you download a ton of music from the web and are sick of this post-download hassle, you’ll love our latest effort in making downloading effortless: Download Songs. Combined with Skipscreen, it is literally the easiest way to download songs.

You set what download folders you want it to watch, and whenever a new music file arrives, it goes straight to iTunes. You choose if you want it to start playing or not. For zip and rar archives, it peeks inside to see if there’s music– if there is, it imports to iTunes. You can leave all the imported files intact, or you can have Download Songs clean up the redundant mp3’s, archives, and folders.

Before Download Songs, I’d have to spend ages deleting gigabytes of redundant music, zips, and rars from my ~/Downloads folder whenever I started running low on diskspace. The worst part: I wasn’t 100% sure that I’d imported it to iTunes and had to check each time!

Now I know that when I run out of space it’s actually time for a new hard drive

And there’s one more thing about it that’s really, really cool. Especially when used alongside Skipscreen. It adds a simple search field that you can get to in your menu bar, or with a hot-key (alt-D by default, which previously just made the letter ∂… you won’t miss it).